Daily Archive for November 19th, 2007

Well, *I* laughed at it…

One of the guys in my IS was doing a presentation & demonstration last Monday night (11/12/07) about Bit Torrent technology and asked the class if there was any content we wanted him to try to find.

One of the girls blurted out, “How about some Andrea Bocelli?”

In response, the presenter said, “Oh, ok. Let’s try to find a new Heroes episode.”

The rest of class started giggling, figuring that he didn’t know who Andrea Bocelli was and just decided to select Heroes as the subject at random.

But I started laughing. And I was the only person laughing.

Finally someone in the class said to the presenter, “She asked for Andrea Bocelli, not Heroes.”

And the presenter said, “Andrea Bocelli? I thought she said Angela Petrelli…”

I was still laughing, but sadly this bit of hilarity went over the heads over most of my classmates. Since we’re in class on Monday nights, it doesn’t surprise me that most of the class doesn’t watch the show, but I was the only nerd who was laughing at the accidental Heroes joke. Oh well. It was still funny to me.

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