Busy busy busy busy busy…

I am so behind in my work, this week is killing me and school is not going to ease up for a while.

Sorry I have no time to blog.

In the meantime, tell me a silly joke?

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3 Responses to “Busy busy busy busy busy…”

  • Why can’t witches have babies? Because their husbands have hollow-weenies!

  • how do mice kiss? mouse to mouse (courtesy of an 8-year-old daniel)

  • Not a joke, but it made me laugh.

    Today, My 4 year old son, Jack, was enjoying his Halloween candy. Sucking on a ring lollipop, the dog was looking up at him with begging eyes. I looked over at him and said “Jack , just give her a lick”. He bent down and licked her on the head. I wish I had had my Camera ready for that.

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