Daily Archive for November 1st, 2007

Grandma update

After work tonight, Yoshi accompanied me to the hospital to visit Grandma. My Mom was waiting at the hospital for us to arrive.

The good news is that Grandma seems to be doing a little better; she had a transfusion earlier in the week and that seemed to improve her condition a bit. She had been moved from the CCU late yesterday.

When I went to see Grandma, she was sleeping. I could feel that her temperature was elevated, but my Mom said that it was actually an improvement from earlier in the day.

Since Grandma was asleep, I didn’t stay long, so the three of us went out to have some dinner together. It was nice to eat together and spend some time together in the middle of the week. We ended up in Rosemead at the Jade BBQ and Seafood Restaurant. Even though they have roast duck there, my brother requested duck from Sam Woo. So after dinner, we made a little detour and picked up some duck for Bro and some char-siu (chashao) pork for Yoshi.

Of course, I got a treat to take home with me, too! My Mom asked her friend make her a bunch of Zongzi (糭子) and even though I was already full from dinner, I almost ate one when I got home.

Anyway, I’ll be visiting Grandma again tomorrow night after work since this weekend is a doozy for me. Yoshi’s parents are coming in from out of town and I have to work on Sunday + have a team meeting for a class.

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