Daily Archive for October 29th, 2007

Yesterday sucked (mostly)

I had been planning to visit Grandma in the hospital yesterday for a few hours, get back home and do a crapload of homework.

That’s not how my day went.

After lunch, my Mom and I met up with Grandma at the hospital. While we were there, Grandma was pretty much just sleeping, so we decided to leave for a couple of hours and take care of a few things at Grandma’s house. As we left the hospital, we saw Uncle Peter heading in to visit Grandma; we said hi and let him know where we were going.

About an hour later, we were sitting at Grandma’s and Uncle Peter called: Grandma’s blood pressure dropped suddenly and they took her to CCU.

When I went over a little while later, I saw my Uncle standing outside of CCU looking very worried. The doctor was examining Grandma and Uncle had to wait outside. We made small talk for a while and then the doctor came out to talk to us. I don’t want to go into details, but it wasn’t good news. I called my Mom and asked her to hurry over (she was supposed to be right behind me). The time before my Mom showed up was an eternity. Uncle and I talked over some very unpleasant topics; ones we hadn’t wanted to discuss in the past.

When my Mom finally arrived, we visited Grandma for a bit (still sleeping, but now in CCU, everything being monitored). Then we went down to the cafeteria to have a small family meeting. (Sigh.)

Funny enough, while we were sitting there, this lady walked by and recognized my Mom. An old family friend who was there to visit her own mother. This halted our family meeting.

After my Mom and her friend caught up for a bit, I realized I was hungry. Mom and I went out to grab a quick bit to eat from My Way Deli and then went grocery shopping afterward. Over dinner, we talked a bit about my Dad and all the stuff that has happened over the last couple of years. We both got really sad talking about it all, but I was glad to be able to talk to her. I missed her so much while she was in Taiwan so it was like we were finally catching up from a year ago.

It’s hard to say how my Grandma is doing, but the latest news is that she continues to be in CCU. Please send good thoughts. Thanks.

Random Rant: Karaoke ≠ Carry-okie

How the heck did karaoke (ka-ra-oh-kaykeh) get pronounced carry-okie? Or is it carrie-okie?

I can understand if one or two people just screwed it up, but how did the wrong pronunciation gain popular acceptance?

I used to correct people — or rather help people how to say a word they are struggling with. But at some point I stopped trying.

I can kind of understand the “okie” part, but as for the “carry?” No way, no how, nuh uh.

What other mispronunciations really annoy you?

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