Daily Archive for October 25th, 2007

i am king. i rule the world.

ok, so not really. but i think i did manage to fix joz’s computer. it seems to be running just fine now, although i’m no techie and have no idea what the hell i’m talking about.
theory #1: the fan attached to the power supply was overheating, causing the computer to shut itself down. that myth is busted. there appear to be 2 fans on the power supply, both work when the computer is powered up.

theory #2: the dust bunnies inside the case are multiplying at a rate faster than they are being destroyed, thereby causing clogging in the vents. while this myth is plausible, after pulling off the cover and carefully examining the insides, it was concluded that this computer may be dusty, but that’s not overly detrimental to the computer’s performance.

HOWEVER, taking off the cover did cause two metal strips with little hooks on the ends to fall to the bottom of the case and another fan to fall from whatever position it was in previously. that fan was now resting on the board for the monitor, causing an alarming bend in said board. removal of power supply and sliding around of drives called for in order to have a look at origin of dropped fan.

turns out that the fan is somehow attached to motherboard (??!?!–the giant green thing that runs on vertically on the side of the case. that’s the motherboard, right?) using those two metal strips. reattach fan to motherboard using strips to hold it in place, power up computer and voilà,the rally monkey returns!

so joz’s theory (for those of you keeping track, that’s theory #3) that the motherboard was fried was kind of true. and there could still be a serious issue with the computer, but for now it seems to be up and running…



I’m going to bed almost a whole hour earlier than I did yesterday!

Long day at work + long evening at school = TIRING WEDNESDAY

I came home and ate some late night pizza (thanks, Yoshi!) and watched TV for an hour and played the Wii for a bit to relax before delving into editing the 15 page team paper due on Friday.

Now I’m going to stop blogging and get some much-needed shut-eye.

Nighty night!

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