Up all night.

Just only made a tiny dent in the homework and assignments I have due this week.

This does not bode well for me for the rest of the week.

Randomness: Last week when Yoshi and I had dinner with DM at Palms Thai (as usual), we looked over and saw Evie from Out of This World (Maureen Flannigan) sitting at the next table. I didn’t recognize her right away, but I did say, “Where do I know her from?” Scary how Yoshi was the one who recognized her.

Anyway, we then had a discussion about Evie’s alien time-stopping power and what we would do if we had that power. I said I would stop time and sleep. Does that surprise you?

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1 Response to “5am”

  • too funny. I used to watch that show as well. If I could stop time I think I would use the extra time to catch up on movies and tv shows I never have time to watch! (totally lame, but honestly, my dvr is going to explode soon)

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