Shootin’ the sh!t…

Gross: Bathroom at work smells like poop
Grosser: Poop in toilet; unflushed
Gross out: There is no toilet paper in the bowl. Just the poop. OMG! Someone left without wiping!

How much of a rush are you in if you don’t have the time the wipe and flush?

How much you want to bet she didn’t wash her hands after that, either? (Although if she didn’t wipe, maybe she figured she didn’t need to wash.)


I think I’m going to hurl.

UPDATE: For the record, there was toilet paper in the stall. There was no used toilet paper in the wastebasket.

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10 Responses to “Shootin’ the sh!t…”

  • maybe it shot out SO fast that it didn’t even touch the butt? maybe it was a real in-n-out manuever?

  • I think you should make a flyer, and distribute them to everyone in your office. Just be rude, and have it say ‘whoever took that gigantic shit and didn’t flush, or use toilet paper, you’re really gross. That is all’

    Sure, you run a high risk of being fired, but that’s a pretty satisfying way to go out, don’t you think?

  • i’ve been meaning to post about the gross factor of public restrooms, but this one takes the cake (no pun intended)!

  • The only way to make that grosser still would be to have seen fecal streaks on the walls, as of someone wiping their hands on the walls to remove the poop thereon.

  • man, i’m glad our key cards don’t have access. the men’s room smells like potpourri!

  • Ew. That. is. disgusting.

    I am at an airport right now, which is like the breeding ground for all things unsanitary. Ha.

  • I think I just got sick.

    I changed my URL. make note of it :)

  • *yurch* I need to go scrub something now just to justify the “must kill all the germs” feeling that’s making my fingers itch. ‘Scuse.

  • That’s pretty small stuff. Come to NYC and witness our lovely citizens using subway stairs as a bathroom… During rush hour!!

  • Just think if you were in the bathroom when that happened.
    I was in one when the store employee didn’t wash. When I was ready to check out, guess what cashier I was going to get? I asked for the other cashier and the unwashed one was arguing with me about how did I know she didn’t wash. I said there was no water used.
    Maybe the one who pooped was proud and wanted to show off. LOL
    Maybe thay kept the paper to use later. Or maybe they wiped first and then wiped their nose and deposited the paper in the recepticle on the way out. LOL Gettting grosser eh?

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