Daily Archive for October 12th, 2007

Too busy to blog.

(This is being written on Sunday, 10/14/2007. But I’m going to pretend like I wrote it on Friday, 10/12, when it was intended to be written.)

This morning, I was on my way out the door to work when my brother texted me.


Fuck. Mom just called me. Said someone hit her car when she was exiting [street name of offramp off the 10 freeway]. I don’t know anything else.

I immediately tried to call my Mom, but she wasn’t answering her phone. I knew where she was and that it was about 20 minutes away from where I was.

Mom called my Brother because he had the day off of work, but it would probably take him an hour to get to her. I was much closer.

So instead of driving to work, I got in the car and headed to where my Mom was. I called my boss and let him know that I wasn’t going to be in in the morning. I figured that Mom was OK because she was able to call Bro, but since I couldn’t talk to her, I was worried. I called my brother, who was already on the road, to let him know I was on my way and that I’d probably be there sooner.

I called Bro to see if he had anymore details, and he said that all he knew was that my Mom had called right after the accident had happened, because he said my Mom had called him and screamed, “Somebody crashed into my car!!!” in Mandarin and in the background, he could hear a lady screaming (at my Mom) “You’re crazy!!!” and my Mom yelling back at the lady in English, “No, YOU’RE CRAZY!!!” He said that she hung up right after that and he texted me right away.

While I was driving, my Mom finally called me. I asked if she was OK and she said she had a headache, and that the other driver had hit her car pretty hard. A police officer was there making a report.

The long and the short of it is that Mom is (thankfully) ok, but we had quite a scare.

My Mom said the other driver had hit her car, then immediately gotten out of the car and started yelling at her. That’s why my Mom refused to get out of the car until the cops showed up. (Smart lady.) She said that the other driver was really mean and kept screaming, so my Mom called the insurance company from her car, and they said, “Call 911.”

The car is damaged and will need repair, so I already filed a claim to our own insurance since the police who took the report wouldn’t let my Mom get the information from the other driver and said, “Everything was in the police report.”

Sigh. What a pain. But luckily, and most importantly, Mom is OK.

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