Daily Archive for October 10th, 2007

Our presentation went well

We had to present our mid-point presentation to our E2B “client” tonight.

By the luck of the draw, we went up last, which meant we were waiting around and psyching ourselves out for like 2 hours while the other groups presented.

In the end, our presentation went a lot smoother than any of our dry runs… thank goodness for that. We all were wrecks beforehand. I wasn’t even nervous but since my teammates were freaking out, I started to wonder why I wasn’t panicking. And so I panicked. But just during our practice sessions. We were all totally fine when it was “showtime.”

Anyway, we made it out in one piece with a lot of good feedback. Yay for that!

The coolest part of the night was that we were given a specific assignment from “the client” to focus on for our final project. We were shown super-secret footage of some of the upcoming tent pole movie releases, but I’m totally paranoid about getting in trouble for blogging about anything that I’m not going to link to the (public) information about our particular film.

But I can say I’m totally excited about the project and the film. And that you probably haven’t heard of this film yet… but you will…

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