Running around…

Rough timeline:

-9am: At campus in Encino for a group meeting to finalize a Powerpoint for Wednesday

-2pm: To Malibu for a “mixer” event where I met people from various schools at Pepperdine, especially the folks in the Law School. Props to the lovely couple (Professors Bernie & Connie James) for opening up their lovely home to us.

-4pm: Left Malibu to drive back home. Stuck in crazy massive traffic. And scary enough, it is supposedly normal on Saturdays.

-5:30pm: Picked up Yoshi

6pm-ish: Met up with Bro at Grandma’s house

6:30pm: Mom shows up; do random paperwork, etc

7ish: Waiting

8ish: Pass the point of hunger; we all leave to find a place to have dinner. We find the Ko Hyang Tofu House. We order everything because we are all starving

8:30pm: Food shows up. Woah, we ordered a lot. We eat slowly

10pm: Leave the restaurant; Bro takes all the leftovers

10:30pm: Get home. Tired. Start laundry. Start packing. (We’re heading to Vegas tomorrow.)

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