Daily Archive for September 22nd, 2007

What happens when I wake up at 4am because it’s raining outside?

First, I go to the bathroom, because, WOW! That’s a lotta water out there…

Then, I wake Yoshi up and go, “Listen! It’s raining hard!”

Then Yoshi asks says groggily, “Yeah, it’s raining. Why are you awake?”

Then, I say, “Because I heard it rain and then I had to pee.”

Then Yoshi says, “Great, now I have to go, too.” And gets up to go.

Then Yoshi doesn’t return right away and I hear futzing in the office. Yoshi is taking the fan out of the window because rain was getting it wet and rain was coming through the window.

Then I go and take the fan out of the window in the den. Same reason.

Then we both go back to bed.

But I can’t sleep now, so I get up.

And Yoshi goes back to sleep.

And then I get down with my nerdly meteorological self and make a post on blogging.la about how there is a drought in L.A.

Now it’s 7:30 and I’m tired. I might take a nap before all my meetings (group projects for school) start up today.

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