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2 bz 2 b bloggin…

Yuck to all the homework and reading I’m drowning under.

The last few weeks have been such a blur and I wish I’ve had the time to blog so I could have an iota of a chance of remembering what the heck has been happening.

A few things…

Back in July, I had to change cubes at work. I lost my “premium” cubicle (location and size) and had to relocate to the opposite side of the building to sit with the group of people I was actually working with (versus in my little island far away from the action). The bad news is that I LOVED my old cube and didn’t want to leave it and the neighbors around me. The good news is that I’ve gotten to know a whole new group of folks a lot better than before. It turns out one of the guys (who is leaving soon) and I have a shared high school experience (albeit a couple of years apart). It was really strange to go so many years since high school and then meet someone who was just as familiar as I was to this group I was once involved with, but also to realize that he was just as involved as I was and understood what that was like. Anyway, we’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, not just at the office. We’ve been going out to eat (sounds nicer than “pigging out,” which is what we are actually doing) including going to the Palms Thai restaurant and enjoying some Thai Elvis.

While at the Palms Thai with that guy on Thursday night, I stopped to talk to the manager who was the pretty gal who seated and served us on the TV piece that we did back in February. She mentioned that she had been calling the production company that did the piece every week about the segment that aired because they never put it on their website. She said that she’d been waiting to get the the video clip so they could put it on their website. I mentioned that I had a copy of it on my MySpace page, but I didn’t have one to give to them on DVD (without the MySpace logo all over it).

Then I realized I never made a post letting people know the video was there. (Or more accurately, I was sooo freakin’ embarrassed about the whole thing, I didn’t really want anyone to know it was there.)

Anyway, I realized that our friend Dave had recorded the segment on his TiVo (which he could burn to DVD) so I gave him a call, asked him if he could do me a favor and burn a few DVDs so I could have a copy, but more importantly, so the folks at Palms Thai could have one, too. We made plans to meet for dinner on Saturday night there. Yoshi couldn’t join for dinner, but I was glad to have a chance to hang out with Dave all night. When Dave showed up with DVDs in hand (Thanks again, Dave!), the manager of Palms Thai was so excited she hugged me and Dave, too (even though she doesn’t know Dave).

Dave and I had a great conversation over dinner and we continued it when we headed over to Scoops for some ice cream for dessert.

Aside from having the yummiest ice cream, ProfEric happened to drop by so we got to chat with him before he goes out of town on work for a month. Tai, the owner of Scoops, also stopped by to chat with us. It was so cool that this last minute trip to Scoops to turned into a visit of so many pleasant surprises.

Dave and I weren’t done chatting yet, so we went and crashed out in the living room sofas and talked the night away.

Yoshi got home really late, so we didn’t all get to chat too much, but we were all pooped by that point, anyway.

Thanks to Dave, the Prof, and everyone else who made the evening a great one!

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