Lashes: One Tokyo fashion that can stay in Tokyo.

Tokyo Lash Bar Or, as Glenda, the reader who submitted this item, so wonderfully put it, “yo… wtf.”

Maybe I’m just woefully out of touch, since it looks like extreme lashes are totally in. (See this shoot)

Japanese Schoolgirls Go for Over-Engineered Lashes

Standard schoolgirl uniform it’s not. Hip teens are hitting the Tokyo Lash Bar in the city’s Omotesando district for eye-poppingly over-engineered fake lashes. Using a unique applicator and a special latex adhesive, makeup pros install a set of these architectonic master pieces, like the high-end Velvet Feather for about $43 and Yellow Flash or Dazzling Diamante for less than $20. A bit steep, but the lashes can be reused as many as 10 times. Plus, the falsies often have unexpected features. Take Lucent Sky and Lucent Sun: When light hits these translucent lashes, they cast colored patterns on a gal’s face. If only they made a pair that blinked when her keitai rang …

We can blame Shu Uemura for this one.

But unfortunately, the Tokyo Lash Bar has already made it stateside. There is one at the Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach. Check out Hoyen Tsang’s coverage in the OC.

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2 Responses to “Lashes: One Tokyo fashion that can stay in Tokyo.”

  • I’m not sure if they get as elaborate, but you can get the fake lash treatment in la or nyc’s k-towns, probably for a fraction of the oc neiman marcus price. I think over-the-top long lashes for special occasions can be pretty cool, not sure about the “Lucent Sky” series though. Unless you are a vegas showgirl or supermodel maybe?

  • Holy crap that is some freaky stuff!

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