Welcome to the world, Junior!

My cousin “LL” finally had had her baby boy yesterday morning.

Funny enough, it was just a couple of hours after she made this post:

Only Time Will Tell

September 7, 2007
loislanelive @ 7:07 am

The days are ticking on and I’m still living life as if I’m 6 months pregnant. I go everywhere, do everything, and haven’t slowed down. I guess it’s primarily because I’m in no pain whatsoever and the contractions are kinda fun. If Junior stays in for another week, I guess I’ll be going to my Chinese Women’s Club and MOPS meetings next week. Only time will tell (does that remind you of the song from the 90’s by the twins The Nelsons and why is that guy drumming shirtless?).

Congrats to LL and SuperHusband on the new addition to your family!

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