Bye-bye T-Mobile…

Hello (again) Cingular.

Er, I mean the new Wireless from AT&T.

(Funny. When I changed to T-Mobile, I had a very similar post title. Just goes to show how NOT creative I am.)

My contract was up and due to crappy connectivity at my parents’ place with T-Mobile, we’ve decided to return to the network we used to be on for some still-crappy-but-less-crappy-than-T-Mo service.

In the process, I got a new cell phone, which I might decide to sell. (My magenta Motorola RAZR is still in working order and I’m not too picky about cell phones.)

I got a Motorola KRZR K1 in blue.

It’s still in its box.

After everything was said and done, I paid $190 for three new phones, but will be getting $130 back in rebates. My brother got a new Nokia N75 and we picked out a simple Nokia 6126 for my Mom to use when she gets back from Taiwan.

It makes me a little sad because in this process, we dropped my Dad’s cell phone line from the family plan. But it’s been over a year and I’d been paying $9.99/month for it to be sitting there, unused.

Still, it made me sad.

Anyway, the point is, sorry to all my T-Mo friends, no more free mobile-to-mobile calls for you! I am now going to chat away with my friends on AT&T.

Question is: Do you use AT&T Wireless and do I have your #?

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6 Responses to “Bye-bye T-Mobile…”

  • I’m on neither. Being in Canada doesn’t help that though.

  • i have t-mobile but i guess you already knew that. i don’t have mobile to mobile on my phone anyway, so it’s a non issue for me. besides, since you’re the only one i actually talk to on the phone, it’s hard for me to use up my 1000 minutes a month…

  • Yay! You’re on AT&T!

    Now you can call me while you’re driving and it won’t eat up your minutes! :P

    Oh yeah, are you and Yoshi going to be free Sunday 8/23? I’ll be down in San Diego, but I’ll have that afternoon/night free.

    Call me! :P

  • If I can get my Flux Capcitor working, we might be able to make 8/23 with you.

    Otherwise, since the DeLorean is on the fritz, I think we may possibly be available on 9/23 instead.

    I’ll be working during the day, so I’m in town, but we probably can’t stay out too late b/c I have school and work on Monday.


  • I have AT&T. I’m not much of a talker, but will when I have to and I text like crazy.

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