Jeri Ryan is HOTNot (just) the weather.

Jeri Ryan is HOT!



Did I mention she is HOT?!

We were leaving our box at the Hollywood Bowl tonight and she was next to us with her son. I looked over and thought the pretty gal next to us looked like Jeri Ryan. Lo and behold, it was actually Jeri Ryan, clutching her son’s hand tightly as they tried to fight their way through the mass exodus leaving the Bowl. H-O-T.

And, oh yeah… HOT.

PS – Click the picture if you want a Jeri Ryan wallpaper for your desktop.
PPS – Thanks to J & C for inviting us as their guests to the Bowl and letting us enjoy the awesome box seats.
PPPS – Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture should always be played with fireworks. Cannons are just not enough.
PPPPS – Really enjoyed the performance by Gabriela Montero, especially her improvisation on the piano. Also really enjoyed conducting of Thomas Wilkins; he’s got a great personality.

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