Daily Archive for September 2nd, 2007

Beat the heat

This morning my Mom called from Taiwan to chat for a bit. It was nice to catch up with her and not need to rush off to work, like usual.

For most of today, we sat in our one air-conditioned room all day until we decided we needed to go to the movies to beat the heat. When we left the house at 3pm, it was 105 degrees outside. When we got to the Valley, it was 107 degrees. Yikes!

We met up with Bro and his girlfriend (BGF = Bro’s GF) at her place and finally got to meet her new puppy. The puppy is a total sweetie pie. I felt bad when we had to leave him at home and go to the movies.

We went to Universal CityWalk and caught Transformers on the big screen (finally). After the movie, we had dinner at Camacho’s Cantina and bitched about all the things wrong with the movie. Like how stupid the plot was. And how Optimus Prime’s mouth moved stupidly. And how annoying the gazillion little pieces moved when things transformed. And of course, how Megatron is NOT a plane… he is a gun. (We already bitched about Bumblebee not being a Camaro a long time ago.)

Dinner was pretty good and since it was BGF’s birthday this past week, we ordered 3 huge desserts between the 4 of us to share. Holy sugar coma! It was sooo good. I managed to make it through the entire dinner without spilling hot sauce or salsa down my shirt, but on the last bite of dessert, somehow chocolate sauce ended up all over my front side. Doh.

I haven’t put a picture of my chest up in a while, so here’s a treat for all the perverts… a picture of my boobs covered in chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Sauce on my chest

Yeahhhh right! (Do you like how I tried to wipe it up with water? Instead I just ended up spreading the chocolate all over my shirt.)

Anyway, on the way home, the power was out right outside CityWalk. (See my post on blogging.la).

I couldn’t wait to get home and stain-stick my shirt.

Now I’m sweating in front of my computer and trying to finish blogging so I can go sit in the room with A/C.

Psst – I also made a post and backdated it to August 30: Joz’s Picks for (Famous) Sexiest Asian Males


Jeri Ryan is HOTNot (just) the weather.

Jeri Ryan is HOT!



Did I mention she is HOT?!

We were leaving our box at the Hollywood Bowl tonight and she was next to us with her son. I looked over and thought the pretty gal next to us looked like Jeri Ryan. Lo and behold, it was actually Jeri Ryan, clutching her son’s hand tightly as they tried to fight their way through the mass exodus leaving the Bowl. H-O-T.

And, oh yeah… HOT.

PS – Click the picture if you want a Jeri Ryan wallpaper for your desktop.
PPS – Thanks to J & C for inviting us as their guests to the Bowl and letting us enjoy the awesome box seats.
PPPS – Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture should always be played with fireworks. Cannons are just not enough.
PPPPS – Really enjoyed the performance by Gabriela Montero, especially her improvisation on the piano. Also really enjoyed conducting of Thomas Wilkins; he’s got a great personality.

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