Daily Archive for August 29th, 2007

Class tonight

So I’ve now officially finished my first week of classes, but I still have one more class that doesn’t meet until two weeks from now. This is going to be a busy trimester school-wise… not like I’ve had any that weren’t busy.

Most of the people I started the program with are graduating come this December. As I had planned, I will finish in April 2008.

Not that I ever really got into the guts of any of my classes on my blog (boring), but I probably won’t be talking that much about what I’m doing except in broad, broad terms. My Monday night class is Information Process & Systems and my Wednesday night class is Marketing Consulting (E2B). E2B stands for Education to Business, which basically means we are one of those annoying groups of business school students who go into a real business to (try to) solve (or at least address) a real business problem for the company. I could probably mention the company that we are working with, but that woulD be about It. So doN‘t Even, You know, ask me. Because I had to sign an NDA and seriously, no joke, I can’t talk about it online, not even privately.

I think it was funny that we were specifically asked to not go and blog any confidential or advance information we receive… not that I would start doing that after so many years of blogging.

But anyway.

Lots of work to come.

Wish me luck… but don’t mention the company!

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