Daily Archive for August 21st, 2007

I’m wiped out.

My internal clock is all whacked out since I haven’t been sleeping well… or practically not sleeping at all.

Have lots to blog about but I should try to take advantage of the crazy upgrade I got at the hotel we moved to tonight. The one we were supposed to stay in was overbooked… so they sent us next door to the Marriott Residence Inn to get upgraded rooms.

They put me into an insanely large TWO BEDROOM SUITE with a living room/sitting area, kitchen and small dining area.

It’s too bad all this space is wasted on lil’ ol’ me. And we’re checking out before 8am to get to meetings early, too.

So I decided to put all my stuff in one room and sleep in the other room, just so one room wouldn’t feel more lonely than the other.

Now to shut down the laptop and get some rest.

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