Daily Archive for August 20th, 2007

I’m in Tampa!

My flight arrived 10 minutes early.

It was a smooth flight but I didn’t get much sleep on the plane since the lady next to me was Ms Snoring and the guy sitting behind me was Mr Kicking My Seat. And I can usually sleep on planes, no prob. I’m probably wound up about this training since I’m not sure what to expect.

Getting to the airport last night was snappy. I called two cab companies to come pick me up, but neither could confirm that the driver would be there on time, or would get me there on time so I ended calling a car service. I hope the company doesn’t give me crap for that because technically, it’s within policy.

Anyway, I got picked up at the house at 7pm and arrived by some miracle at LAX at 7:30. I credit the driver for taking surface streets and avoiding the freeway. Yay!

Since I’d already checked in online, all I had to do was get through security. For some reason there was no one in line and I got through in a snap. They didn’t even need to check my baggie of liquids/gels! I was free to roam the terminal by 7:45! The guy who checked my boarding pass told me I was in the wrong terminal but that there was a tunnel underground that would take me to the other terminal. No worries, I had more than 2 hours to blow before take off.

I went down to the tunnel as directed and a guy in a golf cart asked me if he could give me a ride to the other terminal. I was going to walk since I had so much time, but he insisted that I let him drive me. That was a good call because I didn’t realize that it’s a loooooooong way to the other terminal. (I should have known it, but I just wasn’t thinking about it.) The ride in the golf cart saved me at least 20 minutes of walking.

When I got to the right terminal, I checked where my gate was and then I had a bite to eat. I got myself a snack for the morning (cinnamon roll; just ate half of it). And then tried to log on using my laptop and the T-Mobile hotspot. Who knew this would be the first snag I’d run into…

(to be continued… time to go!)

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