Daily Archive for August 16th, 2007

A bunch of randomness to keep one day differentiated from the next

-Had lunch with EB today at 1:30 at Fabiolus; twas nice to finally sit and chat with him. We found out a few weeks ago that we are connected from high school. Small world.

-Found out that I am getting sent to Tampa for two days of training next week. My coworker who is traveling with me keeps updating me on the two hurricanes in the vicinity. Hooray. [/sarcasm]

-I am really really really bad at bowling. One game at Lucky Strike tonight after work: I had the record setting low score of 46. I consoled myself with an root beer float + a fresh baked cookie topped with vanilla ice cream.

-After I already filled my tummy with dessert, Yoshi and I had a late dinner with (former) Bossguy.

-EB is getting over a bug. I am now trying to overdose on Airborne. I CANNOT get sick before I travel on Sunday night.

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