Daily Archive for August 12th, 2007

Cousin’s reunion

My cousin S and her hubby A hosted a small (immediate) cousin’s gathering at their home on Sunday afternoon. We’d been talking about getting us all together to play like when we were kids, except with better toys and no parents and we finally did it.

It was supposed to be a Wii/Poker party, but then one of the cousins brought his PS3 Guitar Hero so we did that + Wii Sports + poker + blackjack + spoons, etc. And we ate a ton of food, too.

We also got together and took a cousin’s photo but were missing two of our first cousins, so I guess we’ll have to do this again to try and get a complete cousin’s photo. Maybe we’ll also be able to expand to include our extended family and include second cousin’s like the Superha, etc, too.

Thanks, cousins!

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