Daily Archive for August 10th, 2007

What’s a little ignorance between friends?

My friend sent me a link to racewire for a post on this topic.

Adrienne Maree Brown asks:

Do any of y’all maintain relationships where one person, who has more privilege and is white, regularly says things that are remarkably ignorant? But you know they ‘mean well’?

What do you do about that? I want the Racewire readers to offer up wisdom from a perspective of awareness…do you keep such people in your life?

I sat over drinks with some friends Sunday night, we all went to college together, and they were talking about a few white folks we went to school with who have uttered an unusually high number of offensive things recently.

Now me personally, I don’t stay close to repeat offenders.

But I have some friends who do and I’m at a loss at what to advice them when they lay this burden on my shoulder.


Guess who locked herself out of the house this morning?

Guess who was running late to work at the time?

Guess who is still locked out of the house because she didn’t have time to bug the neighbors before dashing off to work?

Yoshi is out of town as of yesterday, so when I get home, I’m going to have to bug the neighbors who have an extra key to open the door for me.

I feel like such a doofus…

UPDATE: I was able to call my neighbors and they had an extra set of keys to let me in the house. I got in about 7:45pm…

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