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Ba-Ba Day

8/8 (Eight-Eight in Mandarin is pronounced “ba-ba.” Father in Mandarin is also pronounced “ba-ba”) is Father’s Day in Taiwan. Even though we refer to him as “Dad” in English, 95% of the time, we called him “Ba-Ba.” Usually, my Dad would be in Taiwan at this time of year, so I would have to remember to call him on 8/7 so I could wish him a happy Ba-Ba Day on the right day.

Happy Ba-Ba Day, Dad.

We miss you.

Dad & Joz - 10-04-2007

I originally couldn’t remember where this picture was taken. I knew that it was taken on October 7, 2004, and thanks to my blog, I was able to go back figure out the context of this photo. I think this was taken in Rowland Heights, just before my Dad was going to get on to a shuttle bus that would have taken him to LAX to board a flight back to Taiwan.

I have finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I actually finished it last night (erm… early morning this morning) at the expense of some much needed sleep.

But I am glad to have everything wrapped up and I even spent another hour during lunch online reading JK Rowling interviews about what happened to people after the book ended.

No spoilers here, but I will say that I enjoyed the book (from beginning to end) and did not feel that it was a ‘slow start.’ There were a couple of parts in the middle when I wanted stuff to happen faster, but it all eventually got there, so I’m satisfied.

There were no huge surprises for me, but there were a lot of little details that were in this book that helped connect the dots.

If anyone wants to discuss, find me on IM or my usual haunts. (Please no spoilers in the comments.)

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