Another long day.

Even though I’m on “summer vacation,” I’m not really getting much time to rest on my laurels.

The only good thing is that I don’t have to read any more Business Law or Marketing textbooks for a while and I can spend my time catching up on Harry Potter instead.

I got my grade back from Marketing and got a disappointing A-. This brings my GPA down even further to 3.925. Blah. I’m scared to get my Law grade back because I struggled with those quizzes all semester. It’s not like me to not get solid “As” so this is frustrating; especially since I spent so much time, effort, and energy on both classes.

Bleh. I don’t want to think about it anymore; I’m so disappointed.

Anyway, Yoshi and I spent the day doing more work on our never-ending project (don’t ask) and then (even though we were already exhausted) we went to a friend’s “welcome home” party in the Inland Empire. Our friend is finally home from the hospital after a few months recovering from a horrendous waterskiing accident on the Colorado River. I don’t really know the details of what happened but the upshot is that her left leg was so mangled in this accident that they couldn’t save it; they had to amputate below her left knee. She was airlifted to a hospital in Vegas where she had to have numerous surgeries and 18 transfusions. Anyway, she’s recovered enough to go home and her family threw a party so her friends could come visit. A lot of our friends had gone out to Vegas to visit her in the hospital but we’ve been so swamped we weren’t able to see her until tonight.

It was really odd to see her minus part of her leg, but she was in good spirits and happy to see everyone. And she let people (not me) try out her wheelchair while she was sitting on the couch. Of course, we’re just glad to see her home, healing, and in a good mood. She’s a total goofball, but with such a life-changing event like that, she seems much more grounded than she was before. I totally admire her spirit and was glad we went to see her. Plus I met a few cool people there, too. (The hour+ drive home back to L.A. sucked, though.)

Anyway, all this activity all day basically meant no real progress on Harry Potter 7; I’m only on page 150 or so. I actually started reading HP7 (in bed) last night after finishing and blogging about HP6. Yoshi rolled over at 3:30am and gave me an evil glare and said, “Put the book away and go to sleep.” Whoa. Something about that look told me Yoshi meant, “I am not kidding; I’m going to punch you if you don’t turn the light out RIGHT NOW.” I sheepishly shut my book and turned out the light.

And with that, I must go to bed again. Of course, I’m taking my HP7 with me, but who knows how many pages I can get through before I get “the look” from Yoshi again…

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8 Responses to “Another long day.”

  • LOL I eventually just started reading in the other room if I read after dark. :)

    I don’t like to get “the look” either.

  • What? Only a 3.925? I’m sorely *SORELY* disappointed in you, Joz. How will you ever go-to-good-university-land-prestigious-job-find-good-husband-win-Nobel-prize if you only have a 3.925?!?

    Tsk. Tsk. You bring shame and dishonor to us Taiwanese !!!!

  • Yes, I’m shocked and awed you averaged *ONLY* a 3.925. Sheesh.
    BTW, I’ll be in L.A. Monday evening and all day Tuesday, but flying back out Tuesday evening. Just a one-day meeting. I’ll yell across town from El Segundo, just in case you’re listening. ;^)

  • Ha ha about HP7! I’m up to about page 250. I read it at the Hollywood Bowl tonight until it got dark-yes, the show had started-and then again at intermission! (I was there alone).

  • You really need to stop beating up on yourself about grades. Unless you’re thinking about getting a Ph.D. after all this school business, I think you’ll be fine.

  • We all (me, dh, and 16 yr old daughter) finished HP7 in 3-4 days. I wasn’t giving him the eye cause he was keeping me up, he had MY book!

  • I finally went out and bought my own copy of HP7 as daughter was dragging her feet on finishing it. I understood. It is the end of an era for both of us. She grew up with him and now it is finished. (Besides, she informed me that her pet rats had gotten hold of it and chewed on it AND pee’d on it… little devils. Figured I WANTED to read a fresh copy after that.)

    Anyway, enjoy the HP. Reading for fun should be fun after all the hard work you’ve been doing. Pull the blankie over your head next time Yoshi stirs. Or just put a pillow over his. Heh. KIDDING! ;-)

  • i pray that your friend continues to heal and keep up her high spirits.

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