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Um, you don’t get it, do you?

TIME - Quotes of the Day for July 23, 2007So I was browsing through the TIME Quotes of the Day slideshow and caught the following quote:

“All those descriptions are obviously contrary to the facts, belittling ourselves and confusing the national identity.”

Taiwanese newspaper Liberty Times praising the government’s plans to drop references in school textbooks that recognize Chinese historical figures, places and artifacts as “national”

Hooray for the Taiwanese government for removing the “national” descriptor (implying China) and taking that kind of propaganda out of the textbooks.

Unfortunately, TIME’s (photo?) editors need to understand the quote a little better.

Irony of all ironies: check out the photo and the photo credit.

Photo: China Photos / Getty | Source: AP

Um, DUH! Taiwan is saying that it is NOT China.


That’s one step removed from the “All Asians are the same” mentality and putting a picture of a Japanese girl dressed like a geisha in the photo next to that caption.

(Click to embiggen the screenshot above.)

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