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Had a wonderful time tonight at the Hollywood Bowl…

Since we didn’t subscribe to the Hollywood Bowl this year (too much going on; no time for social life or fun) I was expecting that we wouldn’t get up there at all.

Since I did some volunteer work a few months ago for East West Players (during my Spring Break), I got ahold of 4 free tickets for tonight’s performance at the Bowl: Sarah Chang plays Bruch (Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 1).

Yoshi and I met up with Professor Eric & his lovebug (don’t know how I should to refer to Eric’s sweetie pie) at Hollywood & Highland and then caught the shuttle up to the Bowl. We spread out a blanket and had a nice picnic dinner before catching a great performance of classical music with the L.A. Phil (Brahms: Academic Festival Overture; Schumann: Symphony No. 3, “Rhenish”). The only disappointing thing was that Sarah Chang ONLY played Bruch; nothing else. But at least we got out of there pretty early so I won’t be a total zombie when I go to work tomorrow.

I have been neglecting my blog but a quick update on school (like you care). I did OK (not great) on my most recent Biz Law quiz on Monday night; just one more to go until a short summer break. I stayed late to talk to my Law prof after class. Despite how poorly I’m doing in class, I really enjoy the lectures and wanted to talk to her about a few topics. The next morning she gave me a call and asked if I would be interested in doing some research for something she’s publishing. I said that I was and have plans to stay late after class on Monday to discuss. (I know, I’m a nerd. Taking on research on my summer break.)

We (OutOutBlogger and I) spent most of the past week working on our Marketing Plan (a document that was about 65 pages long by the end of it) + the corresponding 50+ slide presentation. Let’s just say that it was a lot of work put together in a short amount of time and I am very, very grateful that OutOutBlogger was on my team. I honestly can’t say the same about the other two team members, though. Luckily, the Marketing class is now officially over and we just await our grades for the Marketing Plan and for the class itself. While I think we put together a great Marketing Plan, I’d been averaging an A- in the class up until this point. I thought that I killer Marketing Plan would secure an A… but that was until I got my final exam result. It was not pretty. I guess the class did not do well as a whole; despite us all getting 20 free bonus points to start with (everyone could choose 10 two point questions not to answer and get automatic credit on the exam), the professor gave everyone another 10% added to their score after he was done scoring everything (because everyone had done so poorly). In other words, a 70% was automatically bumped to an 80%. Let’s just say that after the 10% was added, I barely had a B. So now I don’t know if I got an A in the class; though I hope I did. I really worked my patootie off for that Marketing Plan and hope that the prof realizes it.

The Sensuous Woman: Margaret Cho’s new work-in-progress

Margaret Cho - Sensuous WomanIf you’ve been following Margaret Cho’s blog for a while, you’ll know she’s really gotten into belly dancing and burlesque performances.

If you’re in L.A., you can catch her new work-in-progress prior to her New York Engagement as she presents workshop performances of her new show. (And of course, if you’re in New York, you can keep your eye out for this coming atcha soon.)

THE SENSUOUS WOMAN is being described as

a radical reworking of the classic burlesque/variety show. With a cast of renowned burlesque artists, along with hilarious stand-up and sketch comedy performers, The Sensuous Woman delivers a hilarious evening that presents a whole new ideal of beauty, laced with Margaret’s trademark take-no-prisoners wit.

In case you can’t read the poster, the cast is:
Princess Farhana, Kurt Hall, Ian Harvie, Ryan Huffington, Selene Luna, Liam Sullivan as “Kelly,” and Diana Yanez

The Sensuous Woman workshop performances
The Renberg Theatre at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center
August 10, 11, 17, 23 & 24
All shows 8 p.m.
Tickets: $25

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