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Yay. One final down.

Had a Biz Law quiz yesterday and got an 18 out of 20. Hooray for a B+! (Sad, so sad)

Had a Marketing final exam tonight. Hooray for multiple choice exams. Hopefully I did better on this exam than I did on my midterm.

I still have a big Biz Law quiz next Monday (covers well over 100 pages of material) and then our final Marketing Plan and presentation are next Tuesday night.

You would think that I’d be out of the woods by then, but I’m not.

The Monday after that, I have one more Biz Law quiz.

And then relief: finally a short summer break! (Trying to figure out if I can take some time off to travel, though. It remains to be seen.)


Comments continue to pour trickle in regarding Mister Wong, the Offensive Social Bookmarking Portal. One commenter seems to be offended by the “PC BS” we “Amerians” [sic] are spreading all over the world. Various people have chimed in, stating that Mister Wong is not racist.

As Ernie mentions on his personal blog, context counts.

Earlier today, there was a brouhaha (emphasis on the “haha” part) at blogging.la over a supposedly racist billboard seen on the Westside. LA radio station Power106 ran some billboards featuring their morning show host, Big Boy, on a billboard with the words “Big Boy’s got GAS!” and in smaller type “Win gas and cars all summer!”

The author of the original post is Jim Bursch, Editor of WestLAonline.com said the following:

Racist billboard not welcome on Westside

Context counts, and in this case, the context is a predominantly non-black neighborhood where referring to an adult black man as “boy” is wrong and racist. Also, there are contexts in which fart jokes are funny, but not on a public street where you see the same offensive “joke” every day, day after day.

This is just wrong.

What’s wrong is Mr Bursch calling out this billboard as racist, because the adult black man pictured is not being referred to as “boy” but “Big Boy,” a stage name and professional name he has used for years.
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