Saying “bye” to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Hollywood

Joz ponders what to order for this farewell lunch.Even though I actually thought ahead and brought food for lunch from home today, I decided to ditch that plan and walk over to the Old Spaghetti Factory with a co-worker for one last hurrah.

We weren’t the only ones with this idea. When the doors opened at 11:30am, there was already a line at the door. As people trickled into the lobby area, people took out their cameras and snapped some final photographs in this space. It wasn’t extremely crowded at lunch, but I assume that it will be busy tonight for dinner.

I took a few snapshots… not too many, just a few to remember the space by. We had our lunch and said “bye.”

If you can’t make it for a farewell dinner, consider the auction this Saturday… where almost everything, including the 1918 St. Louis Car Co. 28′ Trolley Car, will be sold.

For more info, check out the flyer:

Photo taken by jozjozjoz on 6/19/2007

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13 Responses to “Saying “bye” to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Hollywood”

  • Wow, that’s crazy. where’s the nearest Sphaghetti Factory to you? I totally miss going to the one in Riverside. We’d go there for dinner quite a few times. Sometimes I miss those days.

  • They’re not all closing, are they? I hadn’t heard anything about the locations in Fullerton or Newport shutting down.

    Based on my experiences, you can visit the others – they’re pretty much the same inside =)

  • I had no idea this one was closing. Back in 1984, my little toothpaste-blue Mustang died a fiery death out on the side street (Gordon?) in fron of the restaurant. Aside from that, I had not returned to it or eaten there. But I did go to the Fullerton one a couple of times. Good food.

  • Wow, where we were staying in Hollywood was on Gordon where the Old Spaghetti Factory was.

    Yoshi, I remember the one in Riverside too, though I remember going to the one in San Jose more. :P

  • Just the Hollywood one is closing, since that block is going to be “redeveloped.”

    Fullerton and Newport Beach will still be there, although there are none left in LA County, that I know of.

  • I have many fond memories of TOSF in Seattle, most of my memories include loving the food. Loved it!

    Of course, now I see it as overcooked, overpriced, and unimaginitive, and I can make it better at home, and I wouldn’t eat there again… but I am still kind of fond of the place. My cousin had his wedding rehearsal dinner there, and when we found out, I was disappointed at how crappy the food was going to be….

    But let me tell you, once that salad was in front of me on the table, it brought me right back to the time when I loved it.

  • So, I’m confused. Is the food there good, or not? You’d think, given the name, they’d have excellent pastas.

  • Deltus,

    The food there is NOT good. It’s borderline terrible, but it is edible and it’s cheap! It’s the experience and the memories I have there that I will miss.

  • I like the food! It’s basic, but enjoyable. I also like that you get a little salad and little dessert with your dinner.

  • The only LA County OSF is in Duarte.

  • Oh man, it is closing! I used to go there all the time when I first moved here, until I learned that dates hated to go to that place. I loved it, though.

  • I LOVE The Old Spaghetti Factory! We have been to the one in St. Louis many times. Usually before or after a trip up the arch.

  • I loved the Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle. A lot of memories…

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