Squirrel attacks aren’t funny.

Oh wait.

Yes, they are!

RODENT ON THE RAMPAGE: Squirrel Assaults Three Before Being Killed By Pensioner

I love these headlines:
Three injured as squirrel goes nuts
Crutch stops squirrelly squirrel
Angry German Squirrel Injures Three People
Psycho squirrel attacks Germany

This is a shocking incident, considering it’s been less than a year since a family of squirrels stormed a German house.

Damn those angry German squirrels. They need to chill.

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7 Responses to “Squirrel attacks aren’t funny.”

  • I had no idea squirrels were such a menace. I never thought they bothered anyone.

  • Hi Joz, Thanks for stopping by.
    I love squirells. I used to go camping by myself and I spent hours sitting in my lawn chair feeding trail mix to the squirrells off my lap.
    I fell asleep and woke to a squirrell bouncing on my head trying to wake me up. I noticed the jar of trail mix had chew marks all around the lid. The little devils tried to get into it.

  • Personally I think that the Germans need to love their squirrels, they’re acting out in abandonment!

  • thanks for voting for my friend!

  • Squirrels attack people because people are stupid, and squirrels, being the superior race, realize that people shouldn’t be in charge. They’d just as soon kill you as look at you. Phyllis, the squirrel wasn’t trying to wake you up, it was trying to snap your neck out of sheer contempt for your existence.

    All humans must die in a blaze of squirrelly wrath!

    – Your lord and master, Foamy

  • I love squirrels! I was really sad to see one get clobbered by a car the other morning. Have you ever heard the This American Life story “Squirrel Cop?” It’s hilarious!

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