The return of Sneezy.

I took allergy drugs all day yesterday and as soon as I woke up this morning and I’m still sneezing up a storm.

I could go back to the allergist and get more drugs, but maybe I’ll just try to live through this.

(For kicks, check out my scary, scary photo of my allergy test here)

I feel miserable right now and I’m afraid to take Benadryl because I still have some reading to do for my Marketing midterm tonight and will need to drive my butt to campus tonight and take a 3 hour exam.

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15 Responses to “The return of Sneezy.”

  • Ooh, painful, you’ve got a big exam AND allergies. Not good.

    *crosses fingers*

  • Ach! That photo was seriously, seriously disturbing O_o

  • I’m having a hell of a time right now too. My eyes ran ALL day yesterday. Everyone kept asking why I was crying, but I wasn’t.

  • I’m also being killed by teh allergies. Having to wait in line at the pharmacy for an OTC medication isn’t helping my mood on the whole issue, either.

  • Just say no to benadryl.

    If I take one of those things it’s like I’m on another planet for a day or two. I’d rather just sneeze and be stuffy.

  • weird. i used to have horrible seasonal allergies! apparently san diego agrees with me, as i suffer no more allergies

  • i agree with nabine. ooooh. ya shoulda warned me. :)

  • I take it that Claritin or Allegra don’t do too much for you? You should harass your doctor to give you some nasal steroids. And/or Zyrtec.

    Unfortunately, Benadryl really is the most effective antihistamine out there. Although I find that Chlor-Trimeton is almost as good and doesn’t have as much of a sedating effect.

  • Oui!

    I had to have an allergy test a while back. My back looked like I had an allergic reaction to air. I had welts all over. Seafood, Grass, Mold, Trees, Boys.

    Yep. Crazy.

  • Oui!

    I had to have an allergy test a while back. My back looked like I had an allergic reaction to air. I had welts all over. Seafood, Grass, Mold, Trees, Boys.

  • I was MISERABLE last night and this morning! Something awful in the air!

  • You know, I’m rather impressed by the orderliness of the puncture grid on your back. If there were somebody else with a puncture grid on their back like yours, each of you could have a friend sit behind you and play a human version of “Battleship”!!

  • If your nose is running and/or your eyes are watering try the homeopathic remedy Allium Cepa. I took 30X every 4 hours for just a few doses and my mega allergies went away. Yay for onion.

  • I feel your pain Joz- I suffer from allergies and asthma as soon as there is a drastic change in the weather. Benadryl puts me under, and Claritin and Allegra work most of the time, but Claritin can fail and Allegra is spendy. I have been using Rhinocort, a nasal spray with great results. It works really well and does not give you the rebound sinus headache that Nasonex and Flonase usually do. Try it, you’ll like it!

    P.S. Unfortunately, it’s prescription only.

  • O bummer that would suck to have Allergies during an exam. You could try Claritin-D I have heard some good things about that. Cause your right the Benadryl would be a bad choice if your driving.

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