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“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t Asian…”

Before I say anything else, for the record, I am quoting someone else! I do not feel this way at all!

Ok, now that’s clear, I want to make some commentary on the statement above. I, for one, have always been proud of my Asian/Taiwanese heritage. Sure, when I was a kid on the playground and I went to a predominantly white elementary school, it was tough “not fitting in.” But I was raised by my parents to really understand our roots… that being Taiwanese was something special and that fitting in was less important than knowing who I was. I will admit there that I had passing thoughts of wanting to look like Barbie, but for the most part, I find it hard to recall a time that I wished to be anything other than Asian.

This morning, I was checking out the Yelp* threads and I saw this Yelp Talk topic started by a gal named “Anh T.

Here’s what she said:

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t Asian…

My main reasons:

1) My English is probably better than yours so you don’t have to use one syllable words as often as possible.
2) I’m not interested in talking to you about martial arts or Chinese horoscopes.
3) I’m not that compliant; in fact, I bitch all the time.
4) I do not provide pre-coital massages or post-coital tea.

Since I don’t know her and I don’t know where she’s really coming from, I’m not trying to judge her or call her out by saying she’s some sort of self-hating racist or anything beyond thinking that this would be an interesting topic for 8Asians. (I actually think she’s kind of kidding; she explains later: “I was just venting about some recent experiences. I’m not rejecting my background, I just wish that I didn’t have to deal with these dumb stereotypes from dumb people.”)

Anyway, it’s an interesting thread and I’m wondering what you think about it all.

Have you ever felt this way?

*Yelp account may be required to view thread.

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