I won’t be doing this all the time…

I have been posting like mad on blogging.la. Not only do I not want to be accused of not posting enough, I keep happening upon LA related things I want to post about.

Check out what I’ve posted in the last week or so at b.la:

MT&R is now the Paley Center for Media

Call for help: Help Joz not be a slum lord

Galactica fans, get in line for tonight…

More Roscoe’s news

Another angle on the aftermath of the Griffith Park fire

Lining up for Bob Barker

What’s going on at Roscoe’s? (again)

First came Red Mango.

LA’s best donuts?

Now I’ll never get one… (ok, this was a x-post… a violation of b.la policy… shhh!)

What’s going on at Roscoe’s?

Underground pipe dreams

In case you’re wondering, I don’t have an obsession with Roscoe’s. Things just keep happening there.

And I’m going to make an effort to write more at 8asians.com.

This is the only post I made that was exclusive to 8A:

Grow up, Michelle Wie!

The other posts (McPoopy and McYummy or McYucky?) were x-posted here. But I guess they should count because they were intended for 8Asians.

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5 Responses to “I won’t be doing this all the time…”

  • WOW! You’re a blogging machine!

  • I knew there was a reason why we only frequented the Roscoe’s on Pico.
    And I can’t believe no one mentioned Randy’s in Inglewood. I know it’s kitschy. But when I come back to LA, it’s on my way to the freeway, so.
    I rather like 8Asians a lot. Post more, dammit!

  • somebody’s been logging some keyboard hours…

  • Wow, someone I know wants to bring Red Mango up here…and there’s NO pinkberry’s in SF!

    ooh ooh ooh ooh….

  • I love blogging L.A., which I recently discovered through you. I have a hard time keeeping up reading the posts though, especially during times, like the past couple of days, when I’ve had limited computer access.

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