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I won’t be doing this all the time…

I have been posting like mad on blogging.la. Not only do I not want to be accused of not posting enough, I keep happening upon LA related things I want to post about.

Check out what I’ve posted in the last week or so at b.la:

MT&R is now the Paley Center for Media

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Galactica fans, get in line for tonight…

More Roscoe’s news

Another angle on the aftermath of the Griffith Park fire

Lining up for Bob Barker

What’s going on at Roscoe’s? (again)

First came Red Mango.

LA’s best donuts?

Now I’ll never get one… (ok, this was a x-post… a violation of b.la policy… shhh!)

What’s going on at Roscoe’s?

Underground pipe dreams

In case you’re wondering, I don’t have an obsession with Roscoe’s. Things just keep happening there.

And I’m going to make an effort to write more at 8asians.com.

This is the only post I made that was exclusive to 8A:

Grow up, Michelle Wie!

The other posts (McPoopy and McYummy or McYucky?) were x-posted here. But I guess they should count because they were intended for 8Asians.

Grow up, Michelle Wie!

wie_8a.jpgActually, I like Michelle Wie. I kind of feel sorry for her. She’s only 17 and the whole world watches her every move and criticizes everything she does now that she doesn’t look like a kid.

But then I realize, she’s really a very lucky girl. She’s got parents who support her, she’s got immense talent and potential, and she’s going to be a very, very rich girl regardless of how well her golf career goes. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t think she’s going to get a ton of money in endorsement deals? Have a side gig as an athlete model ala Gabrielle Reece or Lisa Leslie?

I hate to jump on the bandwagon with all the Michelle Wie haters (Tim McDonald as one example), but I’ve got to say I’m less than thrilled by her recent behavior.

Michelle, I don’t care if you’re 17 or not. You’ve been playing golf for a long time, please show some sportsmanship. If you say you are injured, ACT like you are injured. Don’t pull out of a tournament you are losing terribly in and then come back shortly to practice some more right in front of the people who you were previously losing to.

Some have said you’re the next Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods has always been a class act.

Grow up and live up to that standard, please.

Otherwise I might have to join the haters permanently.

Consumating’s Photo Contest

Everyone has shoes, but only the cool have Fly Kicks. Show us!

Vote for me at Consumating! (No, you don’t have to vote for me. This just automagically gets included when I do these things at Consumating.)

I haven’t done the Consumating thing in a long time. And that picture is ollllllllllllllllld.

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