And now…

The TV (and cable box) is gone, too.

It has nothing to do with the corporate mandate, just changes happening at the office.

No more COSBY SHOW re-runs at lunch for me.

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5 Responses to “And now…”

  • Get a smartphone, download Orb to your PC, and watch TV on your cellphone. LOL.

  • Why’d they take it away then? Fuckers. You’re having your lunch, you wanna watch some Cosby show. Those ass-tards.

  • I really miss cosby show reruns since i don’t have cable………

  • In both lunchrooms at my workplace, people have been hogging the tv and putting on Jerry Springer or Divorce Court. Ugh. I took the cue from a friend in the office, and bought myself a little portable DVD player. Now I bring Doctor Who to work with me and watch it using earphones at lunchtime. Much nicer than watching the garbage on daytime TV anyway.

  • someone needs to stick it to the man.

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