Daily Archive for June 4th, 2007


Since I still had a tummy ache from those evil Sugar Free Jelly Bellys last night, I called in sick so I could rest and continue studying for my 2 Biz Law quizzes tonight.

I completed all the reading/review by 3:15pm, giving me time to put some extra study notes together by 4:15 and walk out the door for class at 4:30.

Despite all the studying I did all weekend and taking off from work today, I did not get A’s on either of my quizzes. I’m not sure what the exact grades were, but I would venture to guess I got a B on one and maybe a C on the other one. Better than the D/F I previously received, but still.

Considering how much effort I’m putting into this class, I expect myself to do better. I think I would have gotten one letter grade higher on each quiz tonight if I hadn’t circled the right answer, put too much thought into it and changed a correct answer to a wrong one. I did that at least twice on each quiz. Doh.

Excuse me as I try to console myself with a frozen treat.

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