This is being written when you think it’s being written.

It is Sunday morning, 10:30am. (Hmmm. I just realized the default timestamp on my blog posts haven’t “sprung forward” yet. I’ll have to fix that.)

I had a good night’s sleep and boy, did I need it. Even though it was approximately 2 or 3am when I went to bed, I got up on my own (no alarm) before 9am.

Now that I’ve continued by Business Law reading, I feel tired again, tho. *yawn*

By the way, I’m in VEGAS, BAYBEE! This is just a quick trip to visit a friend; no gambling allowed. You won’t be finding me in front of the Wheel of Fortune slots this trip. So there is no chance of a repeat of this joyous scene.

But aside from a really, really great (and expensive dinner) our friend treated us to last night, I’m not going to be doing much on this trip except as much reading as possible before my double-Biz Law quizzes tomorrow night.

Five chapters. I am only 2 down as of this moment. Three to go!

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2 Responses to “This is being written when you think it’s being written.”

  • Ugh. School. And 3 chapters to go. Just ugh, dude. Good luck on the tests!

  • OMG. So jealous. You are happen to be in my favorite city in the whole ENTIRE world, right now. :sigh:

    Good luck on the quizzes, girl! Hey, did that expensive dinner include steak? Just askin’.. ;)

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