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Ok, so this doesn’t have anything to do with McDonald’s, I just felt like making another post with a “Mc” word in the title.

Mr. T says "No Poop!"

I saw this image at weirdasianews.com and there was something funny about the juxtaposition of Mr. T on a flowery background on a sign in a Chinese coffeehouse saying “NO POOP!

The text says:

No Poop!
This is an old building with old plumbing, poop and paper won’t go down! There is a public toilet across the street. If we have to clean up after you there is a 50 RMB charge!

First of all, I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do know that I wouldn’t want to be reminded of poop while standing in line for a latte. I guess Salvador’s Coffee in Kunming is so upset about people pooping and clogging up the plumbing that they had to put this sign up, plus threaten a fine for pooping. I wonder how effective the sign is? How do they know if you’ve pooped or not?

Do they have people standing by on poop patrol doodie duty?

I pity the fool who has that job.

He’s more than meets the FRY!

Move over R2-Pota2, a new tuber is in town.

Today is a day of true celebration. I present to you:


It's Optimash Prime!

He has spent many a year as the tough Optimus Prime of the Transformers.

But today he has finally transformed into his true potato form.

It’s no half-baked idea; he’s truly made his peace with his inner spud.

Let us all celebrate (for $9.99, you can get your own Mr. Potatohead Optimus).

::Write up by Scott Chitwood, SuperHeroHype:: ::The official Playskool site:: ::Optimash Prime review and pictures::

Photo by Scott Chitwood, SuperHeroHype

Craving donuts…

That’s probably because I just made a post about America’s Best Doughnuts on blogging.la and I was searching for yummy looking donut images to go with the post.

Mmmmm… donuts…

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