Heroes Season 1 Finale


I can’t believe I rushed home from class just to be so freakin’ disappointed.


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9 Responses to “Heroes Season 1 Finale”

  • I know! I was disappointed too. :(

  • What? What were you expecting? It wasn’t that bad. Not their best show, but not lame either.

  • I loved the show when it debuted, but never was able to climb back onto the Heroes bandwagon after that first “midseason finale” back in December. When it came back like a month later Susan and I watched the first episode and after a couple weeks of unplayed recordings clogging up my TiVo I just deleted them and the season pass. When the show went away for another extended period after that I was glad I had.

  • Really? … It was just what I expected.

    BTW … *Loved* the peek into the next chapter. Hiro is my hero!

  • I just cannot forgive the cheesy dialogue. “It’s all about loooooooove…”

    And the fact that they didn’t push the envelope and didn’t kill any Heroes.

    They had the chance to kill off DL, Parkman, and Sylar and none of them are confirmed dead.

    And my money is that Nathan’s not dead either. It’ll be a whole Nathan flies into space and lets go of Peter & flies away thing.


  • There were a couple of cool things (like the revelation by Molly that there was someone worse than Sylar out there and the Hiro preview for next season), but it wasn’t their best. I liked the Richard Roundtree bit, but it really didn’t answer anything.

    Part of the problem is that the last few episodes, starting with the 5 years in the future one were just so awesome that this one couldn’t match it without a big Peter-Sylar battle tearing up Manhattan, and that’s just not where the show planned on going in the first chapter of the story.

    The main consolation I am taking is that this is Chapter One of a long story. It’s setup for bigger and badder stuff later. I think it will make fine DVD viewing. :)

  • From what I understand – this IS chapter one of at least FOUR chapters, since the writers wanted to prevent the suckiness of what happened in LOST started in season 3.

    I’m almost positive it’ll get better. The spin-off looks promising as well.

  • I just watched the season finale of LOST. Can we say INTENSE? :)

  • Oh, I really liked it! Maybe I’m lame. I’d buy that. Or maybe it’s because I’m comparing to the finales of ’24’ and ‘Lost,’ which were both really anti-climactic letdowns. So far thought ‘The Office’ has had the best season ender in my book.

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