Cleaning out my purse again.

This would be the second time I’m cleaning out my purse this year. (Last time was in March and boy did I have a lot of crap in there.)

I love handbags but since I’m so hard on my purses, I protect most of my nice purses inside plastic bins in my closet and only bring them out for special occasions. For day-to-day use, I’ve been carrying around a cheapy black Guess handbag (given to me by a friend) which was small and very durable. (I’ve been using it since the latch on my vintage brick purse broke.) Anyway, I decided this weekend that it is time for a purse change. So I shall clean out my old purse and blog about its contents.

(My new purse is one I picked up from Annika at the yard sale last Saturday. I’ll post pictures of the purse later. Maybe.)

Outside pocket:
-$2 cash
-A 39-cent stamp
-A 24 cent stamp (used for postcard mailing while traveling last month)
-Brown elastic hair band
-Miscellaneous receipts
-Digital Camera
-Twin Tip Black Sharpie

Inside pocket:
-Make-up satchel
-DVD of Pan’s Labyrinth
-Bag of Wrigley’s Airwaves Blackcurrant flavour gum (has Chinese writing on the package, so I wonder where my Mom got this)
-A bag of miscellaenous supplements and vitamins
-A little bottle of allergy meds
-A Chocolate Strawberry Vertigo Candy & Chocolate Flavored Pop (yes, it’s mockolate. Given by Cybele as sustenance at the yard sale… thanks, Cybele!)
-AMC Theatres Annual Pass
-Flyer for a seminar I was thinking about attending
Tempa-Dot Thermometers (don’t ask, because I won’t tell you where I got these and why I’m carrying them around)
-Coupon for $1 off Propel Powder Packets at Pavilions
-Paper coaster from Outback Steakhouse
-Paper with random handwritten notes and phone numbers
-Business card for Fresh Fire Kabob at Hollywood & Highland (where we had a quick bite to eat one day last month)
-Bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 45
-More miscellaneous supplements
-Bag of Benadryl cream, DayQuil, cold medicine, and Lipton Green Tea To Go mix
-Borders gift cards
-$2 more in cash
-Travel-sized Oral-B Satin Dental Floss
-Black Marks-A-Lot Permanent Marker
-Mechanical Pencil
-Orange highlighter
-Dentist Appointment Reminder Card (for appointment in August)
-Hand santizing spray
-Pavilions grocery store receipt
Butler Gum Stimulator (hygenist thinks I need to massage my gums)
-Beige elastic hair band
-CVS receipt
Crystal Light On The Go – Cherry Pomegranate Immunity (prevents me from getting voted off the island)
-A bottle of bubbles (Miracle Bubbles, no less!) from Markland (picked up at yard sale)
Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser 526 50 (the best!)
-Mini stapler
-Emery board

Inside pocket:
-Pink mechanical pencil 0.7 (out of lead and I can only find my 0.5 lead)
-Pepperdine retractible ball point pen
-Misc business cards (mine and others’)
-Cranberry Ricola cough drop
-Two lipsticks
-An electronic hotel room key from Bally’s (I think it was from our Vegas trip in January)
-Paper clip
Fingerbowl Moist Towelette from Royal Paper
-Beaded cell phone case
-1 GIG USB Flash Drive
-Pink highlighter

All in all, the purse isn’t that bad, compared to last time. But it was still due for a cleaning.

The only bad thing about the new purse is that it’s a lot bigger; may be tempting to put all kinds of stuff in there… at least the old one was small and therefore the mess was manageable. If my new purse starts getting out of control, I might go back to the old one.

Oh yeah, for the record I sold approximately $70 worth of stuff at the yard sale last weekend. Considering I only brought like 10 items, it wasn’t bad. Plus, I got to hang out with my pals all day.

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