Another long day.

Today I spent several hours during the afternoon writing a correspondence regarding a grade situation from last term.

To make a long story short, our professor was incorrect in making a class pass/no pass in the syllabus last semester. I asked her several times to check on this, as I wanted a letter grade for tuition reimbursement purposes. She responded via email (at the beginning of the semester) that the class was being considered by the administration for a letter grade for a future term, but for the current term, it would be pass/no pass. I let the issue rest. A week before the end of the term, I found out from classmates taking the same class at a different location that their professor was assigning letter grades. We immediately consulted with the chair of the department who informed us we were supposed to be receiving letter grades. At the next class session (which happened to be the final class session), I brought the issue up in class. She informed the class she would check on this situation. By this time, the term was effectively over.

After all our final assignments were turned in, the Professor sent an email to the class stating that she was not aware that the class was for a letter grade when she was putting the syllabus together and that we would indeed be assigned letter grades, which would be ready in a week. When I checked my final grade, I saw that I received an A.

Obviously, my classmates who did not receive an A complained about the situation, which I agree, was completely valid. So after “a complete review” (which I was not aware of since I didn’t complain about my grade), we received an email from the school saying that all the students in the class would receive pass/no pass credit for completing the course; our letter grades were to be rescinded. This email was sent to me to my school email address (which I rarely check) a week ago.

So when I opened my email today and saw that email sitting there, I was upset. For the last month, I believed I had received an A. And now I am being told retroactively that my grade is being removed? I didn’t even know that a review was in progress, otherwise I would have put my two cents in at that time.

I am currently waiting for a response from the school, but because I anticipate the response to be against me, I am prepared to petition to the administrative committee.

This sucks because it’s not like I have all kinds of free time to put petitions together.

But this situation is unfair and based on the information I had, I believe I deserve to be able to keep my A.

(I know, people have worse problems than this. But I work hard for my grades. I put a lot of effort into school and sacrifice my time and energy from other activities to devote to my studies. When you invest so much of yourself in something, you do care about the things you earn… like grades.)

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4 Responses to “Another long day.”

  • yeah, that a is yours. you just can’t take that away from someone who clearly worked hard for it. good luck, joz.

  • Can’t they just give everyone who passed an A, and everyone who didn’t pass an F?

  • wait, so it was the administration who decided this? I think you need to talk to the dean of the school…or higher ups because I don’t think they can retract grades after they’ve been posted.

  • They cannot decide after the semester starts, and definitely not after grades are posted, that the course will be P/F as opposed to regular grades. I would be fighting right there with you if I was in the class…from both a student perspective as well as a professor’s perspective…after all, I would never do that to my students. Good Luck!

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