Mother’s Day without Mom sucks.

I called my Mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day late last night (so that it would be Sunday in Taiwan). I only got to speak to her for a few minutes, but it was nice to hear her voice. She told me she got the card and pictures my brother and I had sent earlier in the week. So glad they got there in time.

After a hellish Saturday, I woke up way too early on Sunday: 6am. My alarm was set for 9:30. Why I woke up so early, I have no idea. Since I was up so early, I thought I would try and visit my Grandma early, before I had to be at work at noon. Unfortunately, at around the time my alarm was set to go off, I go really tired and was going to take a 15 minute nap. My 15 minute nap ran an hour and a half too long, so I just got up and went straight to work instead.

After work, I had to run a quick errand to K-town, and then I got back in the car and went to visit Grandma. But not before I went to fill the gas tank and pick up an air-pot style hot water heater/dispenser (so they can make tea at my Grandma’s house without boiling a whole pot of water). By the time I got there, it was after 6pm and I had missed my Uncle and Aunt by only 10 minutes. I gave Grandma a framed picture of us (her, me, and Bro) from her birthday in 1981. Then I hung around for more than an hour.

I came home and futzed around, ate junk, and paid bills, all instead of reading Business Law. Now I’ll be up for a few more hours to try and knock out a chapter tonight.

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3 Responses to “Mother’s Day without Mom sucks.”

  • Ben and I went to go see my Grandpa today. I’m sure your Grandma values each and every one of your visits.

  • Ah such is the life of the academic. Just like what superha said, I am sure your grandmother was happy to see you, even if you weren’t able to see other family members :)

  • I lost track of time on Sunday and it was 10:30pm on the East coast when I remembered to call my Mom. I felt SO bad. She said every time the phone had rung, she’d say, “Oh, that must be Jodi.” Luckily, the flowers arrived on Saturday and she loved them.

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