Pat Buchanan: Why does anyone listen to this crackpot?

Pat Buchanan - AP PhotoI hesitate to even quote this Pat Buchanan idiot, but it’s relevant to the previous discussions we’ve been having here about the aftermath of the Virginia Tech masscre. Buchanan is blaming Seung Cho’s psychotic and deranged actions on IMMIGRATION.

He recently wrote an article at called The Dark Side of Diversity. With a title like that you can imagine where this article is going.

Here are some choice excerpts (my commentary in bold italics):

Almost no attention has been paid to the fact that Cho Seung-Hui was not an American at all, but an immigrant, an alien. Had this deranged young man who secretly hated us never come here, 32 people would heading home from Blacksburg for summer vacation.

“Almost no attention has been paid to the fact that Cho wasn’t an American?” What news has he been watching, because EVERY SINGLE DESCRIPTION I HAVE SEEN mentions Cho’s status as an immigrant.

What was Cho doing here? How did he get in?

Cho was among the 864,000 Koreans here as a result of the Immigration Act of 1965, which threw the nation’s doors open to the greatest invasion in history, an invasion opposed by a majority of our people. Thirty-six million, almost all from countries whose peoples have never fully assimilated in any Western country, now live in our midst.

Cho was one of them.

This language is so typical of Buchanan: “invasion” “from countries whose peoples have never fully assimilated in any Western country.” Excuse me, but many of the immigrants he complains about are Mexican… technically a Western country, even if he believes otherwise.

In stories about him, we learn he had no friends, rarely spoke, and was a loner, isolated from classmates and roommates. Cho was the alien in Hokie Nation. And to vent his rage at those with whom he could not communicate, he decided to kill in cold blood dozens of us.

Here Buchanan is insinuating that Cho couldn’t communicate with others because he never learned to speak English. Never mind that Cho spent most of his life here in the U.S. and was an English major.

What happened in Blacksburg cannot be divorced from what’s been happening to America since the immigration act brought tens of millions of strangers to these shores, even as the old bonds of national community began to disintegrate and dissolve in the social revolutions of the 1960s.

Since the 1960s, we have become alienated from one another even as millions of strangers arrive every year. And as Americans no longer share the old ties of history, heritage, faith, language, tradition, culture, music, myth or morality, how can immigrants share those ties?

Many immigrants do not assimilate. Many do not wish to. They seek community in their separate subdivisions of our multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual mammoth mall of a nation. And in numbers higher than our native born, some are going berserk here.

No doubt that Buchanan is just using this horrible event to grandstand and support his own racist and anti-immigrant views. What an opportunist. (If the shooter had been a crazy white guy instead, he wouldn’t have been able to write this retarded article blaming immigration.)

Anyway, there’s an unfortunate answer to my question above: “Why does anyone listen to this crackpot?” PEOPLE AGREE WITH AND BELIEVE WHAT HE SAYS.

How fuckin’ scary is that?

h/t: Dave Chen

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4 Responses to “Pat Buchanan: Why does anyone listen to this crackpot?”

  • Pat Buchanan is half-German. Oh no! Look out! Nazi! And well. You know. If it weren’t for the Nazis………

  • Um … isn’t he forgetting that the land by which he ‘claims’ is being invaded by immigrants is actually BUILT by immigrants SUCH as himself. Needless to say, the Aboriginal and First Nations ancestors have been rolling in their burial grounds for years now.

  • Oh, Pat. This immigrant is having a hard time assimilating into the sense of entitlement I should feel just by virtue of being born. I fear I may never be quite be as American as you. Sniff.

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