I had a horrible day at work.

If I write any more than that, I will get dooced.

So that’s all I have to say about that.

In other bad news, I continue to have not yet received my Business Law book, which I am now approximately 8 chapters behind in. (I know that was terrible grammar, leave me alone about it.) My friend who lent me her book sold it online and I had to ship it off yesterday, leaving me bookless again. Now I need to borrow it from someone else.

Usually I love ordering stuff online, but sometimes it really, really sucks ass.

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4 Responses to “I had a horrible day at work.”

  • i hate things that suck ass. hope you get your book soon and don’t get dooced. like that word.

  • Poor Joz! I hope things improve. It’s almost the weekend, and hopefully your book will come soon. Maybe you can call and yell at somebody? I always feel better after yelling at the phone or cable company.

  • Talking about ordering stuff online.. i spent $154 yesterday :( :( :( I’m addicted to online shopping…

    hope you feel better soon. a nice bath always help.

  • I wish there was someone I could kick in the nuts for ya to make your work troubles go away, jozybelle.

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