Daily Archive for May 2nd, 2007

Marketing Class Surprise

I just got back from my first marketing class, where I was surprised to find a friend was also in the same class. Joz OutOutBlogger, whom I’ve known for about 10 years personally, is in the same class by total coincidence. She’s I’m in her my last year in the program, while I’m she’s still in the first year, so it’s kind of bizarre timing, but I she had to skip ahead to this class, because the other two classes I she wanted to take weren’t offered. Small world! [On the other hand, I am taking this Marketing class late, because I had put it off a couple of terms.]

We’re even on the same team which consists of four Asian women, also a coincidence. Can’t wait to get started!

Also I would like to note that I’ve she has blogged about this before she I (superblogger) got the chance. Hahaha!

Note: jozjozjoz was too lazy to write her own post, so she copied and pasted what OutOutBlogger wrote and edited it to fit. The only sentence that Joz wrote by herself was the one in [these].

Another Note: jozjozjoz is curious what kind of google ads pops up in a random post like this. Sorry if there are any offensive “Date Asian Girls” ads above this.

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