Boo to hives.

I got hives all over my neck and behind my ears today.

Yoshi noticed them after I got home from work. Until then, I didn’t know anything was wrong. After then, I was itchy.

I took two Benadryl and fell asleep within half an hour.

Remind me to take some Benadryl the next time I have a hard time falling asleep.


On the bright side, I did awaken in time to see Heroes. I thought the episode was a little boring, but mostly because I already anticipated everything that was going to happen. Except the part at the very end with Future Hiro. Rawr!

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7 Responses to “Boo to hives.”

  • Oooh! Boo to hives!!! I really really REALLY hate them (*raspberries in their general direction*) I finally figured out that’s what the mysterious head rash was all about, and Benadryl became my new favorite thing.

    And Yay to Heroes!! I finally got caught up last night in my prednisone-induced insomnia haze. Hey at least there’s some benefit to blonko side effects, eh? (Future Hiro!!!!!!!)

  • I’d seen several of the scenes before, but I still really enjoyed watching it, getting my fix, and was left wanting to know more about Angela Petrelli. Everyone loves Future Hiro!

  • Boooo…..I hope they are going away now.

  • I’m so happy Heroes was back, if only for a few more episodes.

  • yay for heroes :) I liked the episode and I’m glad I rushed home from class to watch it.

  • I liked Heroes, and from reading this weeks’ TV Guide (yes, nerd alert), it looks like next week’s will be a doooozy.

    And I can’t take benadryl, either. Unless I want to be mentally incapacitated for 24 hours. Woooozy.

  • i get Seasonal Hives!! yeah, Bene works great. But remember, use BODY lotion every MORNING and every NIGHT. It helps!!!!

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