The Bossguy had strep throat this weekend.

On Monday, he called in sick, saying he was going to the doctor for some antibiotics.

On Tuesday, he was out of the office, although I could tell he was feeling better because he kept calling me in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, he came into the office, swearing the doctor said he wasn’t contagious anymore.

Tonight, my throat don’t feel no good. This had better be pyschosomatic. Because I will be mad if he gave me his germs.

George Takei on "Thank God You're Here"Oh, on a separate note, I watched George Takei on “Thank God You’re Here” tonight. This is the second episode of TGYH I’ve watched and so far, George Takei was the best thing about it.

But then again, I might be a bit biased.

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5 Responses to “The Bossguy had strep throat this weekend.”

  • ooooh. yes i hate when people get me sick.

  • Why do people insist on coming to work when they’re sick? Offices are like petri dishes, and stuff just spreads! Ugh!

  • isaw your blog in the newspaper from mexico
    im sorry about the massacre

  • I agree that George Takei was hilarious! He’s been one of the best on the show so far. I thought it was cute that he would kind of giggle when he said something funny.

  • Ooooohhhh… I hate it when my coworkers do that. Especially when they’re spouting off (read: spreading more germs) trying to convince you they’re not contagious and then you start to sneeze. Yeccch.

    I somehow managed to miss that episode last night… damn. I love George Takei. My jury’s still out on that show, though. Watched the two premiere episodes and wasn’t all that impressed, but maybe they just need a little time to grow into the format a little.

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