Wow. Cooking takes a long time.

Especially if part of the cooking process involves going to the store and buying food, first.

I made dinner tonight for Yoshi and my Brother, who visited from OC. It was inspired by a container of pre-made (pork) carnitas which I had purchased at Costco.

I realized we should have the carnitas soon, so the next thing I knew, I was at Pavilion’s on Sunday evening buying tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, lettuce, lemons, refried beans, and miscellaneous other stuff. Of course, the grocery store was totally crowded and I was cranky by the time I got home.

But then I set off to make two batches of fresh salsa (one with and one without cilantro) and chicken fajitas. This took a lot of time (chopping). I knew Yoshi and Bro were hungry when they were standing in the kitchen asking what they could do to help.

Yoshi heated up the carnitas, Bro pitched in with the fajitas and I got all the fixins out. It’s amazing how yummy food is when its made fresh, even if I kind of messed some of the dishes up.

Bro and I commented about how awesome our Mom is because somehow she always seems to make the best meals and perfectly times the preparation of every dish so that they come right off the stove minutes before it’s plated and put on the table. Amazing! I soooooo don’t have that multi-tasking ability in the kitchen. No wonder things always get overcooked (or burned) on the stove. I’m always trying to keep up with my Mom’s pace in the kitchen and I just can’t.

Oh well. Bro got lots of leftovers. And I have onion breath.

Time for sleep!

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  • sounds yummy! have you tried trader joe’s fresh salsa in the refrigerated section? it tastes like you made it fresh! no one has to know…

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