Cleaning out my purse

Outside pocket:
-Two quarters
-$34 cash in bills
-An uncashed check
-2 tickets to an upcoming concert
-Receipt from lunch the other day
-Phone # from some dude I met at Panera last week (no he wasn’t hitting on me)

Now for the scary part…

Inside the purse:
-An apple (just put in today)
-2 packets of butter (just got put in today)
-Five 39 cent stamps
-$11 cash
-Cartridge of staples
-Receipt from our tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE at the Mirage (from January)
-2 take-out menus from Miceli’s
-3 way highlighter (re-elect Russell Baldwin Retirement Board 2006)
-Ballpoint pen from Bally’s
-Roll of return labels of my parent’s PO Box
-9 volt battery
-Cylinder of Airborne (one left)
-Receipt from Costco
-Receipt from Panera
-Another uncashed check
-My uncle’s business card
-Package of Lipton Green Tea To Go
-2 doses of generic DayQuil
-Ziploc bag of misc vitamins, allergy pills
-Body lotion
-Another ballpoint pen from Bally’s
-1 green glitterati candy
-1 Ricola (cranberry)
-Another Panera receipt
-A piece of paper with a chewed piece of gum spit inside
-A receipt for the USPS
-A receipt for Del Taco
-An invitation to an event (already passed, yes I went)
-My new CVS “Extra Care” card
-A receipt for Carl’s Jr
-2 coupons for Carl’s Jr (expired 2/28/07)
-1 return address label (my mailing address)
-1 receipt for parking (school)
-2 ticket stubs for the performance of Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE at the Mirage (1/14/07)
-A receipt from Burger King
-A receipt for gasoline (2/3/07; gas was only $2.39/gal)
-A receipt from Borders (cards for John’s mom, plus a Burt’s Bees lip balm)
-2 coupons for Anaheim Ducks games (2 tickets for $20!)
-A receipt from the Coffee Bean
-A note pad from “QuikPrint” (one of my Dad’s old scratch pads from like 20 years ago)
-Random receipt (food, don’t remember where)
-An AFI Member Cozmo Card
-Another Carl’s Jr receipt
-Another uncashed check
-Another parking receipt (school)
-A receipt from CVS (from when I signed up for the above “Extra Care” card)
-USPS Express Mail label, customs form, and receipt for package sent to Mom in Taiwan
-Envelope marked “2007 Receipts” with miscellaneous receipts inside (I guess this is where I meant to shove all those other receipts. Notes about the “YourLA” taping scrawled on the back with the number of the Associate Producer.
-Note reminding myself of a dentist appts on 2/21/07 @ 7am. Also a cryptic note about “lunch Tues” (don’t know what that meant)
-2 more uncashed checks (from a class action settlement; $1.24 each)
-A moist napkin in plastic wrap from Zeke’s BBQ Smokehouse (picked up at SuperBowl party)
-A business card for Miceli’s
-Another Carl’s Jr receipt
-Another Panera receipt
-A post-it with the NY # of someone named “Jessica” written on it; also my former co-worker’s new office # (this number has since changed)
-Make-up satchel
-Plastic mermaid (got at “Rumpus Revenge” party a few weeks ago)
-Coupon for Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste (picked up at dentist’s office)
-3 business cards for my chiropractor (who I haven’t seen in weeks)
-Receipt from Baja Fresh
-Another ziplock bag of miscellaneous vitamins
-Business card for a private chef/caterer
-Personalized post-it pad with some notes I made today and the number of another dude I met at Panera (I swear to god I am not hooking up with people; I am just a friendly person)
-A mechanical pencil
-A hand sanitizer spray (purchased at CVS)
-Black elastic hair band

Not going into the things inside the zipper pocket (mostly pens, business cards, two USB flash drives) and the things inside my wallet (miscellaneous receipts), that is it. Except for the pocket watch attached to one of the straps on the purse.

Obviously, I need to clean my purse out more often. I figure the last time I did this was sometime in January.

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10 Responses to “Cleaning out my purse”

  • Does Airborne do any good? I always get sick when I travel. I live such a solitary life all new germs find me easy pickings.

  • I Airborned myself like nuts and was only a little sick (compared Yoshi, who was a lot sick).

    I feel like it’s better safe than sorry. I believe in preventative drugs.

  • I have no words.

  • What the hell were you doing with butter in your purse?

  • Um… how big is your purse? I know a lot of that is paper, but still…

  • That’s insane. I bet my mom would even be jealous, and she’s got a Big Mom Purse.

  • Believe it or not, it’s not a big Mom purse. Just an average handbag. I’ll take a picture for proof.

    And as for the butter in my purse, I had gone to Panera and had a piece of sourdough bread I was saving for later, so I got two butter packets for later, as well.

  • Speaking of big purses, it is pretty common to take a big purse to the movies so you can sneak in your own food? Or is that just me and my wife? When I was in high school and college my buddies and I would sneak food in all the time, not just candy, but fast food, burritos etc. One time one of my friends sat in a pile of mashed potatoes at the movies…so I guess we weren’t the only ones…or it was left over from the last time we were there. Anyway, I limit it to candy now, and maybe a bottle of water. I’ve gone off on quite a tangent.

  • Damn woman! Now THAT is a lotta stuff… I bow to you as the only person I know of with more stuff in her bag than I have in mine!!!!

  • so do you get a sore shoulder from lugging around a 20 ton purse? ;-)

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