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I am embarrassed that I spent well over an hour researching writing it, formatting, it and posting it. I can be such a nerd.

It’s #16 of the Top L.A. Legends series: Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite (aka Jamie Lee Curtis has a teeny weenie)

In other news, my browser history for the last two days looks like I am a Jamie Lee Curtis stalker who has a deep curiosity for herms, merms, and ferms.

I swear it ain’t so.

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4 Responses to “Post made to today”

  • Reading the article you posted, it sounds like she has androgen insensitivity syndrome, where genetic (XY) males are unable to produce the receptors for testosterone and other male hormones, so the female hormones dominate. I was typing up a report at one of my jobs where a man was trying to figure out why his wife couldn’t get pregnant, and he was obviously shocked when he found out that he had a version of the syndrome that affected genetic women that end up being physically male.

    And besides, hermaphrodite is SO out of date and insulting. Intersexed is the proper term for people like Ms. Curtis.

  • stkyrice,

    You miss the point. This is a LEGEND. *I am not implying this is true.*

    I AM NOT STATING THAT JAMIE LEE CURTIS IS OR ISN’T INTERSEXED. That is partially the reason that I use terminology like “hermaphrodite” and “teeny weenie.”

    I’m not joking around about it; just researching this rumor, its various incarnations and what has already been written about this “legend.”

  • legend?

    i thought it was true…

    shows you how much i’ve been paying attention, sheesh!

  • LOL, something always bothered me about JLC. Now I know. hahahha.

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